Tinusaur – educational platform


The Tinusaur project is an educational platform and set of tools focused on hardware, software, and modern learning methods.
It is a mixture of
(1) microcontroller boards with add-ons;
(2) software as sample code, drives for sensors and other peripherals;
(2) block-based web development environment, generating real C code;
(3) learning materials – tutorials, lessons, videos, etc.; (4) services – training for educators, support and the community.

The Tinusaur’s mission is to provide the platform where young people could learn science and technology by playing and creating things while having lots of fun, thus helping them one day to become great engineers and inventors. The services provided by the Tinusaur and its products are based on own know-how and technology.
The plans and goals for the near future are to release the new products developed in the last several months, increase the global sales and reach new market niches.

Currently, some of the products could be purchased from the online store at http://tinusaur.com

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