The startup solves a family problem, resulting in 1500$ yearly loss with next-gen mobile and IoT technology. CogZum’s home grocery management system is second to none in time, budget end environment – oriented management of food and other home supplies. The company is currently supported by European and US anti-food waste organisations and activists, YFood (UK network), PFG Bulgaria, EEN (International Economic Relations Network).

Recent progress includes: #1 grocery manager on UK App Store, active early adopters, proprietary food expiry database feature and good media coverage.
The investment will be used for: Worldwide paid plans launch, acquisition of premium barcode scanning technology, team growth.

Their next steps will be: Increase user base to 10 000 users and convert 5% to premium clients so they can meet the targets set by a specific VC shortlist that are following their progress. The goal is to apply for seed funding at EUR 10 million valuation at the next round from UK YFood Investor network.

If you are interested to further invest in CogZum or you want to reduce your efforts to avoid food spoilage in your your household let us know and/or DOWNLOAD the app

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