Smart Money

CEO Angels Club is an organization of active investors supported by a dedicated management where members make their own investment decisions. Therefore we are looking for for prospective members who will be active investors and participants in selecting and mentoring high quality growth companies. We expect our investors to be involved in the success of the investees and help them pro-actively.

Ethics and Reputation

This is a closed and private community of senior executives and top local entrepreneurs that share a very strict Code of Ethics and Good Reputation . Any membership is considered if it is followed by current member recommendation. It is highly advised that prospective members meet a current CEO Angels Club member and get an endorsement for membership.

If you are an investor and interested in being considered for membership, please contact us here: to submit your candidacy for membership. If you seem to be a good fit, you will be contacted by our professional staff to discuss next steps, which will include meeting some members , attending at least one meeting and submitting an application.