How to apply for funding

Funding application

Before submitting your business plan for our consideration, you must determine if angel capital – and specifically capital from angel group – is right for your company. The angel investment checklist will be helpful to guide you through this process. SEE CHECKLIST

 applyAPPLY FOR FUNDING  Complete the application outlining the key characteristics of your company.

Our team will review the application and determine if it is a good fit for our group. If it is deemed a good fit, then you will be contacted by our staff to clarify further detail, you might be also interviewed personally by the CEO of CAC. Eventually you might be invited for a screening presentation to our members. Screening presentation is in the form of a pitch and might be held infront of a smaller subset or the whole group. Each pitch is around 15 minute presentation followed by Q&A. If there is interest at screening, diligence might begin immediately.
If you don’t hear from us, that normally means that you don’t fit our criteria. To a limited amount of promising founders we might provide specific feedback but it will be impossible to address all incoming ideas/projects. We believe in second time founders and like founders that learned from failures, so in case things change with you, you might want to apply again.

CAC charges 5% success fee if the startup successfully raises funding through the club. The amount is calculated from the actual net amount received by the entrepreneur. The rule is simple – you get money for your business and we also get a little bit from it to sustain ours and run club operations. No strings attached.